Individual coaching


Why start a coaching journey with Olivier?

His practice, located in Walloon Brabant, is based on the following 5 elements that have been validated by his coachees and helped them to achieve their goals:

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    A clear framework (privacy, freedom, respect)
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    Active listening to my personal situation
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    Time (each session = 1 hour 30 minutes)
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    The questioning & feedback duo to help me progress

These elements will ensure that trust is established to bring out my potential.

Characteristics of Olivier’s interventionist coaching

Interventionist coaching

While respecting the deontological charter of coaching (EMCC member), I will be able to
occasionally count on one or other of Olivier’s targeted recommendations from his extensive
network of professional contacts. This will enable me to shorten the number of sessions.

For whom?

  • I am an individual in a professional transition
  • I am a freelancer looking for a new assignment
  • I am an employee looking to become self-employed
  • I am a freelancer looking to (re)become an employee
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For what?

  • I am looking for more “MEANING” in my activities
  • I would like to regain “SELF-CONFIDENCE”
  • I am looking for benevolent listening to help me evolve step by step
  • I am looking for a mirror, a sounding board, to make concrete progress
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  • By appointment with Olivier in Wavre or Louvain-la-Neuve, or by videoconference
  • By receiving Olivier in a quiet, secluded location (respecting privacy), for a fee (travel costs).
  • Connecting with nature, joining Olivier in a beautiful forest.
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