There is a quality to Olivier’s enthusiasm which is quite unique. He is authentic. He listened to my needs, took a real interest in who I was and saw opportunities I couldn’t even fathom by introducing me to key individuals in his incredible network which he has woven over his career and continuously weaves. He inspired me to see new opportunities when I saw none. He empowered me to take jumps and make that ‘phonecall’! It is a journey of course but when there are bridges, it does make the whole trip more exciting, attaining places one might never even dream of. Olivier is a people bridger- no doubt about that. He is also a coach and a good one. I definitely recommend his services.

Fiona Mc GrealJuin 2018

Following a recommendation, I met Olivier and this was beneficial at a moment of professional doubt and introspection.

The exchanges we had, the ideas we shared and Olivier’s encouragement during each session allowed me to regain self-confidence. Even though there were no immediate tangible results!

They will come sooner or later, I believe it and I believe in me. Maybe I will need more time and I will get there. Just like you, who grow and help others to grow, to make them aware, and make them dive deeper into themselves.

Once again, thank you, Olivier, for listening, for your patience and for your understanding.

Eric JacqmainMai 2020

I was very happy to meet Olivier as coach and mentor. He has many contacts and a great network, which helped me to find solutions.

Olivier is very open and positive person, its great pleasure and chance to meet him in a specific moment of your life. Also he can guide you for new opportunities and new vision of things to design your targeted action plan.

I wish you also to develop new ideas and projects with him. Thank you, Olivier.

Svetlana Blondeauavril 2019

Olivier is a passionate “people bridger”. He also has a rather rare quality: empathy.

He has successfully coached me in the spring of 2018. Olivier has the ability to reassure in moments of doubt. He then relies on an impressive network of professionals, analyzing the skills, personality and expectations of everyone.

A professional and very humane approach! Thank you, Olivier.

Patrick Pruniermars 2018

Luckily, I had the privilege of being coached by Olivier Béroudiaux through my career change. This period filled with uncertainties ended successfully and even exceeded all expectations thanks to his engagement, his discernment, the way he intelligently called on his large network and his own personality. Today, I am at the head of the Belgian company that creates, produces and sells its own perfumes (Guy DELFORGE S.A.). It’s my dream! Thank you, Olivier.

Charles KerangoffFévrier 2018

I had the opportunity to be coached by Olivier during a project that required active networking. In this period, Olivier was very efficient and very available.

Olivier benefits from a strong network and makes it available in an effective and targeted manner. In addition, he helped me to retarget my priorities at the time.

Pierre-Paul CornetMai 2017

I met Olivier in 2017 when I didn’t have much hope of finding another job.

His great ability to listen, his coaching techniques and his ability to detect unexpected skills and use them in a new career direction make him an outstanding coach.

Thank you, Olivier, for what you have allowed me to achieve thanks to your exceptional skills!

Pascal Vlietinckmars 2017

I was thinking about a more humane career transition because I was experiencing a tiring job and I was almost burned-out. I thus opened up to the benefits of Olivier’s individual coaching.

The first question he asked me was perplexing but it was also very useful, even indicative: “Think about what you don’t want to do anymore. That is how you open the field of possibilities and move towards what you naturally and effortlessly like to do.”

Today, thanks to his invitation to take the time to think about and feel what is right for me, I am on the other side of the mirror. I became a B2B consultant and I now divide my time between various SMEs. This has brought me a better quality of life.

It was a rebirth, a new flourishing that didn’t exist before I started my coaching journey with Olivier. Thank you, Olivier.

Stéphane de Buck van Overstraetenmars 2016